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There’s something fun about adventure. But an adventure by yourself isn’t as fun as adventure with another…and adventure with a spouse is the best kind of all! Jesse and Vanessa have been patiently waiting the day when their two adventures would officially merge as one, and from now on they can remember life as “Our Adventure.” On May 7th, 2016, Jesse and Vanessa were wed as husband and wife and this was just the first of their many adventurous days ahead…

The weather predicted rain showers, thunder, and big cumulous clouds…it looked like a perfect day to go floating in a house suspended by balloons. Unlike Russell and Mr. Fredricksen, Jesse and Vanessa and their friends and family were safe on the ground, preparing for a beautiful wedding day. Vanessa and her girls were busy preparing the last details and also making time to relax and enjoy the day. Lizabeth put the final touches on all the beauties while just outside people were hustling and bustling, carefully eying the threatening clouds above. Blu Events Planning came out early to set up tables, chairs, and other decor while Freestyle Event Services hung up string lights. The morning before, It’s Your Party Event Services had dropped off tables and other rentals and everything was coming together nicely. Colorful lanterns that resemble happy balloons dotted the backyard of the beautiful venue, continuing to add to the “Up”-lifting theme of the day.

Photographer Meagan Coles and Cinematographer Josh from Evermoore Films jumped from room to room, capturing everything that was happening all at once from table decor set-up to the bride putting on her wedding jewelry. H20 Productions arrived and set up their equipment for the ceremony and reception while florist Irasema Cruz delivered fresh bouquets of flowers for the bridal party and reception decor. Karen from Cakes by Karen dropped off a beautiful cake that made mouths water and an additional candy table was provided as well. So many details had been thought of and prepared and everyone was excited to the brim! The clouds continued to roll in and thunder was heard in the distance, but not a rain drop had fallen on the beautiful grounds of this private estate. Somehow…the rain just stayed away.

Before long, guests were arriving and were elegantly seated by the groomsmen. No one could believe it when the prelude music began and a line of sharp-looking men dressed in Fino’s Menswear tuxedos entered the ceremony site, each with a beautiful lady by their side. As Vanessa and her father came into view the groom couldn’t help but shed a joy-filled, emotional tear and at that moment, if not yet before, everyone knew this wedding was just meant to be! Officiant Jason proceeded through the vows and formalities and announced the new couple as officially married. Throughout the entire ceremony and into the night the clouds dumped buckets of rain…on all the crops and fields around them. But still…no rain drop dared come near and ruin the happy couple’s wedding day!

Throughout the entire wedding day guests saw glimpses and hints of the Disney Movie “Up” in everything from the guest book to the honeymoon “Paradise Falls” jar to the balloons and cake and even grape soda pin boutonnieres! Vanessa and her dad – and the entire bridal party – prepared choreographed dances to start the party off for the night. Toasts were given with memories on the past and well-wishes for the future, and everyone agreed it was a fun day, full of emotion and beauty – a perfect wedding day.


Here are a few stills from the video above:

"My Greatest Adventure" | Jesse & Vanessa | Wedding Cinema Highlight | Evermoore Films "My Greatest Adventure" | Jesse & Vanessa | Wedding Cinema Highlight | Evermoore Films
"My Greatest Adventure" | Jesse & Vanessa | Wedding Cinema Highlight | Evermoore Films "My Greatest Adventure" | Jesse & Vanessa | Wedding Cinema Highlight | Evermoore Films


Starring Actor: Jesse
Starring Actress: Vanessa

Producer: Evermoore Films
Cinematography: Joshua & Emily Moore
Coordinator: Blu Events Planning
Photography: Meagan Coles
DJ: H2O Productions
Officiant: Jason Hanash
Rentals: It’s Your Party Event Services
Lighting: Freestyle Event Services
Catering: NV Catering
Cake: Cakes by Karen
Floral Design: Irasema’s Flowers
Tuxedos: Fino’s Menswear & Tuxedos
Bridal Dress: David’s Bridal
Jeweler: Tiffany & Co. – Kay Jewelers
Makeup Artist: Lizbeth Chavez
Invitations: All in the Invite

Venue: Private Residence
Location: Bakersfield, California



Evermoore Films is a video production company based in Bakersfield, California, providing cinematic wedding films and corporate promo videos to Kern County and beyond.