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Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Cano! Two years…exactly. Little did Jilberto and Alexandra know that two years EXACTLY from their first date would they be walking down the aisle on their wedding day, October 10th, 2015. The day began unlike any other. Josh and Emily from Evermoore Films arrived to a house swarming with girls – curling irons hot and eye shadow brushes flying, thanks to Veronica Navarro and Espy Rodriguez. With eight bridesmaids plus junior bridesmaids, flower girls, mothers, and the bride there was much to be done! Sasha Saldana jumped in the fun with her camera and captured some great candid moments of the hustle and bustle. There was no time to waste and A Cut Above Limousine was ready to transport the house full of girls to their assigned destination: KLEA.

The men stayed far away, honoring the age-old tradition to keep the bride hidden from the groom until it was time for the ceremony to begin. But don’t worry, they got their share of fun too, arriving in style with a fleet of muscle cars ready to dash away in case the bride were to be captured! Anxious to see each other but desperate to keep the tradition, Jilberto and Alexandra decided to “hear” each other before the wedding with a quick hand hold around the corner being careful not to peek at each other! Guests were ready, a florist from Bakersfield Flower Market passed out beautiful bouquets, and so the ceremony began. Over in a flash? They would tell you YES! “It’s true,” we tell our couples, “You’ll hardly remember a thing!” But thanks to photo and video, these memories can be remembered and shared for years to come.

With a dash down to the Padre for some romantic shots, the newlyweds were back in line ready for the Grand Entrance. Stephen from SK Entertainment started the evening with a bridal party dance contest as they entered the scene one by one. Everyone enjoyed an incredibly delicious plate of shredded pork, rolls and chips and guacamole catered by the groom’s parents – talk about authentic Mexican food! They need to open up a restaurant…I’m still dreaming about the homemade pineapple juice…YUM! But the party wasn’t over yet. Toasts were next and the tissues were quietly passed around. Then came the formal dances and a special couple dance that kept their feet going and hearts pumping as they switched from song to song, dancing to each new tune. Cake by Rosie’s Cakes and Cookies was passed out and a beautiful Sweets Table was provided by Imperial Sweets. After a grand exit of sparklers in the black midnight sky we left the love-birds to dance the night away. Well…that is…after one more cup of homemade pineapple juice.


Groom: Jilberto Cano
Bride: Alexandra Cano
Location: Bakersfield, CA
Preps Venue: Private Residence
Ceremony Venue: Kern Law Enforcement Association (KLEA)
Reception Venue: Kern Law Enforcement Association (KLEA)
Photography: Sasha Saldana Photography
DJ/MC: SK Entertainment
Make-up Artist: Espy Rodriquez
Hair Stylist: Veronica Navarro
Dress: Casa Blanca
Tuxes: Friar Tux
Florist: Bakersfield Flower Market
Catering: Mr. & Mrs. Cano
Cake: Rosie’s Cakes and Cookies
Sweets Table: Imperial Sweets
Transportation: A Cut Above Limousine
Live Music: Mariachi Sol De America
Photo Booth: SK Entertainment
Officiant: Elizabeth Del Villar
Music Licensed By: SongFreedom.com – “Mexico” by Justin James
Cinema: Evermoore Films