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Brides and grooms love writing love letters to each other on their wedding day. But, a question we get asked is “What should I write? What should I talk about?” It’s a very valid question, especially if you’re not used to writing long, sappy love letters to each other every day! Well we’re coming to the rescue with a new Evermoore Tip Series, this time all about Love Letters! Short and sweet, we hope these blog posts will be useful for you to browse while getting inspiration for your wedding or while trying to finish last minute wedding details!

We’ll begin with our first Love Letter Tip of the series. Love Letter Tip 1: “Make your love letter at least 200 words long, but no more than 700 words. 500 is great!” Brides and grooms both ask “How long should be love letter be?” We say the longer the better because we can always cut and edit! Even if you’re getting a 3 minute video, you can still write a 3 minute letter because that will give us more options to choose from when editing the audio to the footage. We love variety and plus, it helps give you time to really describe what you love about each other and what makes you unique. More to come, stay tuned for another Love Letter Tip!



This tip is part of our Love Letter Tip series, which gives ideas to the bride-to-be and groom-to-be about how and what to write about in your love letter to your spouse on your wedding day before you see each other. Follow the series and join us for new tips each month!

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