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Our first Love Letter Tip was about how long to write. Another question we get asked frequently is, “What should I write?” Well, there are MANY things we could say, but let’s start with the beginning. First, write about how you met. Remind your spouse of the first glance or first handshake…the blind date or the first butterflies…any details about how long ago, where, and why you met. Was it on purpose? Was it on accident? Were you set up? Was it years in the making? Were you interested on the first day? Were you impressed? Was it love at first sight or run with fast flight!? Tell us all about how you met and what is special and unique to your relationship. Don’t think your story is anything extraordinary? Ask 5 other couples their story and you’ll soon find out you DO have a special and unique story that is perfect only for you two! Besides…writing it down and possibly having it recorded on camera would be such an incredible gift to give your kids someday, wouldn’t you say? 😉


Tips about writing your love letter on your wedding day to your spouse for them to read before you see them! | www.EvermooreFilms.com


This tip is part of our Love Letter Tip series, which gives ideas to the bride-to-be and groom-to-be about how and what to write about in your love letter to your spouse on your wedding day before you see each other. Follow the series and join us for new tips each month!

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