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Some common phrases we hear between brides and grooms is, “Wow, honey, we’ve been through thick and thin together…we’ve had our ups and downs…it’s been rough sometimes but in the end I always love you.” Yes. Life is reality. Friendship and dating are not all flowers and chocolate everyday. And guess what. In case you didn’t know already…marriage isn’t either. Those hard times are actually good times. Why? Because they bring you closer together. You love each other. You hurt each other. You ask forgiveness. And then you make up! So don’t think trials together are a thing to ignore or try to forget. Sometimes remembering those hard moments are good for us because then we remember how far we’ve come, how much closer we’ve grown, and how much we have to grow in the coming years ahead. Write about your up’s¬†AND down’s, because after all you WILL forget, no matter how hard you try…unless you write it down…or get it on video! ūüėČ


Tips about writing your love letter on your wedding day to your spouse for them to read before you see them! | www.EvermooreFilms.com


This tip is part of our Love Letter Tip series, which gives ideas to the bride-to-be and groom-to-be about how and what to write about in your love letter to your spouse on your wedding day before you see each other. Follow the series and join us for new tips each month!

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