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The difference between photos and video

We all know video is powerful. So powerful that it outperforms photos on social media by leaps and bounds. Take Modern Grub for example, a Bakersfield local gluten-free friendly catering and grab-and-go food spot. When we stopped by their store and filmed a few short but valuable social media video clips we had no idea the impact it would create for them. We knew it’d be good, but we didn’t know HOW good!


Keep it simple with social media video

You wouldn’t think that such a simple idea like this could go a long way, did you? But creating professional social media content is right up our alley! Sure, you can take videos all day long on your iPhone of what you’re doing throughout the day, but sometimes you need more professional content, sometimes you need YOURSELF on camera, and sometimes you need to have a different brain take a different perspective on how you work and how you run your business. That’s called creativity. When we work together we’re able to capture your vision and show you things from a new angle that you might not have considered before.

Watch your social media numbers grow

As a short case study, take a look at the last post before they posted their first social video clip video. On August 4th, 2019, Modern Grub released a photo of some packaged gluten-free cookies for National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. It got 37 likes. Then on August 6th, 2019, they released a compilation of a few social media video clips we created for them and turned it into a mini promo video. It got over 7,000 views and almost 200 likes! That didn’t just double their likes…or triple or quadruple their likes…it MORE THAN quintupled!! (We’ll make that word up in case it isn’t one!) And that was JUST likes…not even views! Imagine their audience increase with over 7,000 views! We call that an improvement for sure!

I think I need some social media videos…

Tired of just releasing photos? Looking for more engaging content? Ready for a professional step up? Let’s start with a super simple video package of social media clips. Perfect for releasing on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok…you name it! Short and simple is the motto here! Let’s start with a phone call and a strategy session to get you started on your first (or next) video! Contact us today.

Further research on videos

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More about Evermoore Films

Evermoore Films LLC is a video production company based in Bakersfield, California. Serving clients since 2012, we’ve worked with local, national, and global companies from a wide range of industries. From positioning your brand to selling a specific product to training employees, we’ve created all kinds of videos to help business communicate with their clients, employees, and future market through announcements, documentation, explainer videos, advertisements, and more.