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The New Tradition

This tip almost goes without saying because the traditional way of sitting at a wedding is almost non-existent. But there are so many cute ways to encourage guests to take a seat anywhere. It’s helpful to just have a simple reminder as you’re walking in to the ceremony site as a guest, especially if there are no ushers to help you to a seat. Of course another side of sitting at a wedding comes with the reserved seating for family members, but we’ll leave that for another day. And then there’s the unplugged ceremony signs which is another topic too…but for today we’re just reminding you that it’s welcoming to your wedding guests to include a little note if you want them to mix and mingle for the ceremony!

Real Wedding

Bryce and Laura’s wedding is featured on our Wedding Day Tip 79 and not only did Laura include a sweet sign about Family seating, but she designed it herself! A wedding coordinator in Southern California, you can check out her work at Fawn Events and hire her for your own wedding!


Wedding Day Tip Series

This tip is part of our Wedding Day Tip series, which gives ideas on all things related to the wedding day itself! From decor to dinner to the dance floor we’ve got you covered with over 70 tips focused just on details about your wedding day. These are meant to be fun, inspirational ideas on how to make your wedding day smoother and your wedding video more memorable. Follow the series for more wedding day tips and stay connected through Instagram or Facebook and watch for our full wedding tip series!

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