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Love Your Husband #4 | #EvermooreBride | www.EvermooreFilms.com

Surprises are always a fun thing between lovers—big or small, drawn-out or short! You almost can’t say no to a GOOD surprise. Now that the wedding planning is over, it’s time to start (yikes—if you haven’t already!) planning out some fun ideas for your marriage. So here’s a “bride tip” that you can interpret anyway you like – however your own man will like best! Hide some post-it notes around the house for him to find surprise after surprise. Today we’re going all out for you and giving you a ton of ideas to make this surprise too easy to not try…


  1. Grab a stack of post-it notes – minimum 5, maximum WHATEVER!
  2. Write something new on each note. Something short and sweet, happy and fun!
  3. Plan a time of day when he is busy, at work, asleep, or running an errand
  4. While he’s gone, place the prepared post-it notes around the house in places you KNOW he will go looking for something


  • On the mirror above his sink
  • Inside the toothpaste drawer
  • Under his pillow
  • Inside a bowl or onto of a plate in the cupboard
  • On the outside of his favorite cereal box
  • On the milk in the fridge
  • Inside his lunch box
  • On the handle to his car door
  • On his car horn
  • Inside the garage where he can see it from his seat
  • On his “man shelf” or in his “man drawer”
  • Anywhere else he might be unsuspecting!


  • “I love you”
  • “Hi cutie”
  • “You’re handsome”
  • “You know, I love the way you ___”
  • “Kisses”
  • “Thinking of you”
  • “Love you to the moon and back”
  • Or dab on some lipstick and leave an imprint on the paper like a kiss!

The main thing is to have fun, make it a happy surprise, and…if your husband likes it…do it again one day when he needs some love and encouragement and least expects it! Don’t be afraid to ask him what encourages him most. Enjoy this little adventure and tell us if you tried it and how it worked by commenting on our Instagram or Facebook page!

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