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No, seriously. It’s true. We’re somewhat of a “memory company” and we say it all the time, but memories are important. They help you remember the past and not forget the wonderful times you’ve had and the wonderful people you know. To remember is to care. To care is to remember. It’s just like a birthday present or an anniversary card. To remember is to care. I’m always wishing I could be better at that, and if I could I’d give everyone a card and a present for every occasion (just ask Josh, my husband!). But photos (and video) work the same way. Photos help us remember and photos show we care. That’s why we carry photos of our spouse (or us together) in our wallet and on our phone – because we care so so so much about them that we don’t ever want to forget them.
In today’s world photos are EVERYWHERE. Sometimes we worry that they become cheapened because they are everywhere and you can take a bazillion selfies and still not get the perfect angle, but you know what? The fact that we do have photos so readily available (and cameras in our pockets 24/7) actually serves to heighten the value of good photos. We can see the difference, we can see the value. Sure, that’s not to say that who cares about those hilarious iPhone pics taken at your father-in-law’s cousin’s birthday party or those precious shots of baby’s first steps when you only had your phone handy. No, those are sentimental photos – those are very important – but they’re still home-photos and home-video. But what about the engagement photos and wedding video – does it make them less valuable because they aren’t homemade? Maybe we should throw out the professionals and do everything ourselves because it will mean more and be more sentimental. By no means! Please, no! Homemade photos and professional photos are both needed, both sweet, and both valuable.
So as a way to love your husband (and since girls are generally more organized than guys) set aside some time to research a professional family photographer and get some candid moments of just the two of you together. Now, if you’re JUST married – say, within the last year or so – this tip won’t be as important to you yet. You’ll have your wedding photos to look back on (and budget to catch up on!) so you can wait on this one. But for brides and grooms who’ve been married longer…two years, three years, four years…life has changed a lot since the wedding! Your relationship has budded even more, maybe you’ve added a few additions to the nest or a fur baby or two, and you’re both more comfortable with who you two are individually and together. Wouldn’t it be sweet to now go back for your 5 year anniversary or even “just because” and get some professional photos taken of you two or your family altogether – just candid and casual or going on a fun adventure? The sky’s the limit with creativity and hey, mom and dad would just LOVE more photos of their kids and/or grandkids for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, custom birthday gifts, Christmas cards, or any other “just because” occasion. Life changes. Capture the moments. Hire a professional photographer so you can look back in 20, 30, 40 years and remember “the early years” of your lives together. You won’t regret it!
Disclaimer: Evermoore Films is not a photography company and does not offer professional photography. However, we work with many photographers in the Kern County area and would be more than happy to recommend a photographer to fit your personal style and needs. Contact us for a referral – we’d be happy to help! 😀

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