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Save the Date! The dinosaurs are coming! And so is the wedding!

When we met with John and Katee, we discovered that they were just as big of Jurassic Park fans as Josh is. We knew right then and there that we had to create a unique Save the Date/Concept Film for them. We had a blast making it, and we hope you enjoy it!

And yes, Evermoore Films does 3D animation.

NOTE: If you are working on the next Jurassic Park sequel you know who to call for some excited fans.

A little behind the scenes…

As with all of our concept films we first created a script based on our conversations with John and Katee. After they approved it we went into preproduction, gathering all the required elements from costumes to Jeeps to 3D dinosaurs.


We shot the entire film in one day with one of our Canon DSLR kits. Editing and VFX were done largely with the awesome Adobe suite and a lot of hours in our 3D app of choice, Blender 3D.

Finally, every Jurassic Park film needs a score. Emily accepted the challenge of creating a film score reminiscent of Jurassic Park in just 5 hours. And finally, we had our latest concept film ready to début!

We hope you enjoyed watching it, we sure enjoyed making it!