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Plenty of video content

The Mark Restaurant is a perfect example of a company who thrived on a ton of social media videos. With over 100 different shots that we grabbed for them, they were able to run ads, make posts, and use video to promote their business to get more attention than with just photos.



The power of close-up videos

For a business like a restaurant, close-up videos are super important. First, for the attention grabber effect on social media since people are looking at such a tiny screen on their phones, and second because they need to showcase an object that is small. With social clips or social media videos you’re able to get a batch of one-shot clips in whatever your business needs, and this is super idea when working with close-up videos.

Big batch of videos

What was also really important in the success of social media videos for The Mark Restaurant was getting a big batch of videos so they had plenty of content to choose from and plenty of variety to offer their audience. This close-up of a steak was only one of the many different dishes we filmed besides wide shots of the restaurant and other things. They were able to unload a ton of engaging content for an extended period of time without feeling like a broken record.

I think I need some social media videos…

Tired of just releasing photos? Looking for more engaging content? Ready for a professional step up? Let’s start with a super simple video package of social media clips. Perfect for releasing on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok…you name it! Short and simple is the motto here! Let’s start with a phone call and a strategy session to get you started on your first (or next) video! Contact us today.

*NOTE: This video was originally published under our Corporate Division, Kern Video Marketing, but has since been merged into Evermoore Films LLC.

Further research on videos

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