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Since you have months to plan, why not plan the details? Today we’re talking about the music details, the soundtrack. There are lots of songs to think about for your wedding day. You’ve got…

  1. Getting ready in the morning with the girls (guys might have a football game instead of a iTunes playlist)
  2. Prelude music or musicians while the guests are taking their seats
  3. Processional music
  4. Unity ceremony background music
  5. Special songs or performances during the wedding ceremony
  6. Recessional music
  7. Driving in the car music from one location to another (instead of listening to the radio!)
  8. Reception music for when your guests arrive before you
  9. Grand Entrance music to the wedding reception
  10. Father-Daughter Dance music
  11. Mother-Son Dance music
  12. First Dance music
  13. Special songs or performances during the wedding reception
  14. Dance party music to the end of the night

Like we said, there’s A LOT to think about! Overwhelmed? Try this idea: grab your calendar and circle your wedding day (if you haven’t already!) Then go back one Saturday. Write down Number 14, and on that day decide what that one song or playlist is going to be. Then go back one more Saturday and write down Number 13, and keep going until you got back to Number 1. That way you have 14 weeks to make ALL of these decisions – doesn’t sound so bad, right? If you don’t WANT to make all those decisions yourself, enlist help! Grab your bridesmaids and assign certain sections to each one, especially the playlists. Either way, you’ll need to think ahead because almost every single one WILL need a soundtrack whether you think about it or not!

Adrian & Rosario knew their soundtrack. They had everything planned before the wedding and everyone loved the musical choices. They even hired a live band AND a mariachi group to come in for their wedding reception as an extra treat! Enjoy their wedding highlight film below:




Starring Actor: Adrian
Starring Actress: Rosario

Producer: Evermoore Films
Cinematography: Joshua Moore & Ricardo Santoyo
Coordinator: Alma & Eugenia
Photography: Shelli Renee Weddings
DJ: DJ Harvey
Officiant: Father Raul
Live Music: Grupo-Balazzo, Mariachi San Marcos, & Melissa Waldrop 

Hair Stylist: Jana Maes 
Makeup Artist: Jana Maes 
Dress Brand:
 Eve of Milady 
Dress Shop: Panache Beverly Hills 
 Men’s Wearhouse 
Ring Shop: Helzburg Diamonds

Florist: Manuel Jimenez 

Catering: Party Palace Reception Hall
Cake: Cakes by Karen

Ceremony Venue: St. John’s Evangelist Church
Ceremony Location: Wasco, California
Reception VenueParty Palace Reception Hall
Reception Location: Bakersfield, California

“A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri Courtesy of Songfreedom

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