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Love Your Husband #8 | #EvermooreBride | www.EvermooreFilms.com

’Twas the night before tomorrow and all through the home,

Every outfit was ready, and no sock did e’er roam.

Every shirt, every pant, every belt, every shoe,

Every coat, every scarf, just waiting for you.

It’s amazing what a little time will do to save some time. Try it for yourself if you don’t believe me! Take 5…or 3…or 1 minute before you go to sleep and think about tomorrow.

Think “What outfit will I wear?” to all that apply . . .

  • Exactly which shirt?
  • Exactly which undershirt?
  • Exactly which pants?
  • Exactly which belt?
  • Exactly which dress? (ladies only please! 😉 )
  • Exactly which underclothes? (we’ll let you figure that out)
  • Exactly which pair of shoes?
  • Exactly which pair of socks?
  • Exactly which coat?
  • Exactly which scarf?
  • Exactly which pieces of jewelry?

After all, it’s only TOMORROW – it’s not next year.

Take it a step further and think more big picture now…

  • Does something need to be ironed?
  • Does something need to be lint rolled? (Oh, we love our golden retriever, just not her hair!)
  • Does something need to be washed?
  • Does something need to be polished or shined?
  • Does something need to be mended?
  • Do you need something new (okay, don’t go overboard here – notice the “need” not “want” 😉 )

So back to the main point. This is all about how to love your husband. These ideas can apply to you too, but focused on your sweetie pie, first ask.

Ask, “Honey, can I pick out your clothes for you to wear tomorrow?”

Chances are he’d love the opportunity to get one more thing “off his plate” and allow you to do the honors. If it’s a no, ask a different question.

Ask, “Honey, would you like to try setting out your clothes for tomorrow to save time in the morning?” *Notice the question – it’s not a command*

Now, we’re not talking about saving hours, but at least seconds and (for some men) minutes. “So? Who cares? That’s too OCD, that’s micromanaging, that’s just too much!” Before you give up, remember…every second counts. Every minute counts. And we only have so much time. Besides, it still has to get done – either the night before or in the morning. So why make it take twice as long when you’re groggy and the toast got burnt because you were busying fixing the door handle that broke because the dog wouldn’t stop whining for breakfast because you overslept because the alarm clock got unplugged. Hey, it happens. But you don’t know which morning it will happen. So plan ahead everyday by setting out your clothes and your hubby’s clothes so just one more thing is ready to go in an emergency.

Have some more ideas? Comment on our Instagram or Facebook page what you do to help the mornings go better! Shower your hubby with love this week and tell us if you tried this tip and how it worked by commenting on our Instagram or Facebook page!

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