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What gear are you currently using? 

Ok camera geeks, here is an excerpt from one of our latest weddings, talking about what gear we used for a Signature Film: “We captured this wedding primarily in 4K Blackmagic Raw with 2 Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema 4K Cameras, Metabones Speedbooster, Sigma...

Do you offer 4K video?

Yes! Not all packages are filmed in 4K, but if you want to ensure yours is, be sure to let us know before the wedding and we’ll get you set!

Do you offer or include drone footage?

Drone coverage can be added to any package. It is not included because of several reasons. To legally and safely fly a drone at your wedding, we must ensure that one of our FAA licensed drone pilots is available. It will also depend on the weather of the day, as we...