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Yes! Whether or not you choose Evermoore Films as your wedding videographer, we are excited to share with you our free wedding tips. In fact, we have over 200 wedding tips and 5 different series…three for before the wedding and two for after the wedding! Tips are no replacement for a wedding coordinator, which we highly recommend!

We have Wedding Day Tips that cover everything from tips on scheduling to ideas on how to make your wedding video unique. To browse Wedding Day Tips click here.

We also have Wedding Speech Tips which are perfect for sending to your bridal party, parents, and anyone else who will be giving a toast at your wedding (especially if their nerves are sky-high!). To browse Wedding Speech Tips click here.

We also have Love Letter Tips for you and your spouse if you’re hitting a blank wall when writing your love letters to each other (9 out of 10 guys, this is for YOU!). To browse Love Letter Tips click here.

After the wedding, couples love to stalk our social media looking for sneak peeks and behind the scenes from their wedding and their friends’ weddings (or complete strangers too!), so we created Bride Tips and Husband Tips for our newlyweds. The Bride Tips have fun ideas on how to love your husband and be a better wife, while the Groom Tips have fun ideas on how to your wife and be a better husband. To browse Bride Tips click here. To browse Groom Tips click here.