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We’ve made heaps of both business videos and wedding videos, and have done both since the founding of the company in 2012. We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses from local solopreneurs to publicly traded companies. We are no stranger to the world of producing business videos for both companies and agencies.

Some video companies hide the fact that they do weddings “on the side”, but we aren’t ashamed of our weddings. Our experience with weddings is part of what makes us so good at business videos. Weddings taught us speed, creativity, storytelling, and directing.

Weddings are one of the highest pressure environments to create videos in and teach you how to work quickly while delivering a quality video. There’s no second takes at a wedding so you have to nail it on the first take every time. With business videos we have the luxury of doing another take and perfecting the performance.

Weddings also taught us how to raise the quality of our work and find new creative approaches, when you’re filming at the same venue for the 100th time you get to continue pushing the envelope of creativity and looking for new ways to capture the same scene.

Weddings also taught us how to use emotion in storytelling. We are always looking for ways to combine all the elements of music, scripting, shot selection, and pacing to tell a compelling story. Whether it’s a couple getting married or a business trying to make a sale, understanding how to use emotion to move people to action is a key ingredient to a successful video.

Wedding have also taught us incredible patience for directing and working with people, and helping everyone enjoy the entire process no matter how much or how little experience they have on camera.