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Yes! Most couples would prefer not to pay the full amount of their wedding video package at the time of booking, so they choose our monthly payment option. We simply take your total package price and divide it by the number of months until your wedding, and that gives us your monthly payment amount.

For example, a wedding video package for $1500 divided into 12 monthly payments would be $125/month, a $2500 package divided into 5 monthly payments would be $500/month, and a $6000 package divided into 16 monthly payments would be $375/month. The amount of the monthly payment is completely dependent on how far away your wedding is and how big a of package you choose. Booking early is super helpful when it comes to payment plans, since you could get a $1300 wedding video package for as low as $75/month! 

However, if you’re a last minute bride and are getting married within the next month, we also offer extended payment plans where we show up and shoot your wedding but don’t edit or deliver any footage until the full amount of the package has been paid. This has been an absolute LIFE-SAVER for some couples who otherwise would never have been able to afford a wedding video so late in the process. So you see, there’s something for everyone! See our custom price calculator to determine a potential package and monthly payment!