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Our Custom Films take the traditional wedding video beyond its limits. These are 100% custom-crafted films that include video footage from your wedding day, from getting ready with your bridesmaids to your Grand Exit through sparklers. Occasionally, we’re even able to add some special video footage from your rehearsal dinner or proposal or other significant moment caught on camera! We incorporate our own signature storytelling style to create a highly personalized, breathtaking film that is truly unique and will often bring tears to your eyes as you relive the precious moments of your special day in a way you never imagined.

We don’t just throw together these custom films in a day. In video production we call this process pre-production and post-production. We start by interviewing you and your future spouse about your personal taste and style in wedding videos. Then we pre-record your love letters and other narration for the most personal sound to your own wedding movie. Even on the wedding day we take a different approach while filming and bring additional gear and videographers to ensure nothing is forgotten and to give you the opportunity to purchase additional films after the wedding. Then after the wedding day your film goes through a series of edits, sometimes upwards of 15 or more, where we carefully assess each shot and each sequence and finesse color and audio segments to absolute excellence.

You will always have a chance to review your custom film before the world premiere release, and we know you won’t regret choosing a custom film that you will enjoy forevermore! Couples who order custom films value quality above price and speed of delivery. Even if that means we need an extra week to perfect your film, you know it’s going to be worth it!

We offer custom Short Films between 5 and 7 minutes long and custom Director’s Cut Films between 12 and 18 minutes long and start at $4,000. The length of the film will vary depending on the story and imagery we have to work with from the wedding day. It’s truly a memorable experience, and you and your friends and family will be talking about it for years to come. Don’t believe us? Read some sweet words our brides wrote about their own custom films! To see samples of Custom Films, click here.

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