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A “highlight video” is a very broad term in videography for a short video anywhere from 1-10 minutes, that is set to music and summarizes all the best moments of your wedding day. Sometimes it’s just music, sometimes it has a little audio from the wedding ceremony, and sometimes it’s a full-on cinematic movie, complete with story-like narration from reception toasts and possibly love letters exchanged between the bride and groom. Some types of highlight videos take an hour to make and some take months to make depending on how complicated or custom you want it to be. Be sure to ask your videographer lots of questions about what kind of highlight videos they offer so you can find out what they do and don’t include.

At Evermoore Films we offer a few different types of highlight videos. We call them: Trailers, Highlights, and Custom Films. All of our highlight videos include legal music which you are welcome to help choose if you desire as well as film credits at the end of your video to help you remember all the hard-working friends and vendors who helped make your day beautiful and memorable. To watch some wedding highlight videos, click here.