(661) 489-5000 info@evermoorefilms.com
  • Evermoore Films is a team of video professionals who can bring your video vision to life with a professional video at a range of budget levels
  • Evermoore Films was founded by Joshua Moore who has been making videos for companies and organizations since 2003.
  • We specialize in helping small to medium-sized businesses enhance their marketing efforts with video.
  • We also offer white label video production services for larger organizations, marketing agencies, and other production companies. We offer both full video production and filming-only services. We’re familiar with working under non-disclosure agreements (NDA) and work for hire arrangements.
  • We offer post-production services such as editing-only projects.
  • We have the capabilities to do editing, coloring-grading, motion graphics, 3D animation, voiceover services, and sound mixing.
  • We offer HD, 4K, and 6K video production with both DSLRs and cinema cameras. We offer licensed aerial video for drone shots. We use cinema-grade Aputure lighting kits. We have a full sound kit with shotgun mics, lav mics, and wireless mics. Specialty camera rigging in unique environments including underwater video is also available.