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Video Editing Services

Another helpful service we offer here at Evermoore Films is video editing service. If you’ve got footage and need a quick editing job done or you need it cut and organized into a cohesive presentation, we can help! Some clients come to us looking to create a highlight video out of their hours of footage, and others are just looking for us to help them put their long presentation into a easy-to-use format for either themselves or to share with others. Kern Dental Specialties is one of those clients for us. Specializing in endodontics and oral maxillofacial surgery, they came to us looking to cut together their footage of procedures into a format that they could use as a training video. It’s been super helpful for them, and by using our video editing service it saves them time and money trying to learn how to do it themselves.

Voice-over Services

One thing that sometimes comes with the video editing service is a need to record a voice-over. A voice-over is a scripted or free-flow narration that is recorded separately after the event and narrates the film. In this case, with Kern Dental Specialties, each procedure that is being filmed does not need to be narrated during the process of working, but is extremely helpful after the event while training others. Voice-overs are used in all kinds of ways in all kinds of industries, and we are happy to offer this service to our clients whether it’s a big job or a small job.

We’ll spare you the film…

Since these particular videos we create for this client are educational dental procedures that are very necessary but not the most enjoyable to look at, we’ll spare you from watching videos of root canals and other procedures!

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