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…but now that Sean and Kristina’s wedding highlight is posted, we want to share a few behind the scenes moments!!

We like to grab shots of each other when we can during the down moments before the rush. It’s fun for me to remember who shot with me and what gear I used.

When we showed up, we were greeted with “vendor bags” from the coordinator and they contained some water bottles, snacks, and sweets. A fun way to start the day! Thanks Colleen from Fairy Godmother Inc.! And here’s a shot of us getting the details with Jonah and Lindsay. Be sure to watch the film to hear the story behind the ring!

Then during the ceremony we like to grab a shot or two of our screens and send it to each other to check angles or to check on camera nerd stuff.

So at the reception we ran into a past Evermoore Couple, Steven and Ashley. I love their comment…they said, “Have you ever been to an Andrews wedding?” Of course we said no and they said, “Well you’re in for it! It’s gonna be CRAZY!” And boy were they right. A packed dance floor until the wee hours!! But we didn’t stick around THAT long!

Oh, so another thing. Stockdale Country Club gets FIVE STARS for their personalized service to wedding vendors. I (Josh) am strictly gluten-free (not by choice!) and it’s hard sometimes to find wedding food that won’t get me sick. I ALWAYS bring back up but jump up and down inside when I discover that the main dish is gluten free. Well, not only did the venue offer a gluten free option, but the coordinator, Susan, made sure she personally oversaw that my dish was absolutely gluten-free! Oh, what a relief!! No, I didn’t get sick! And YES it was delicious!

Here’s some fun shots Mike grabbed of me on the crazy dance floor.

Oh, and here’s one of the great reasons why I like having Mike come out to weddings with me. Notice the real Mike and Josh picture on the left and the “Josh looks at how the photo turned out and says, ‘Dude you make me look like a midget…take another one!'” Haha…we have fun…but I still look like a midget no matter what next to him!

Here’s a shot I grabbed during the editing process where we line up all the footage and color coordinate everything before we start. Obviously, we cut out the extra scenes like here where the bride and mother of the bride and photographer are collecting the wedding accessories before we shot them. But all of this footage ends up in raw footage if you get that! So you can still see these cute moments even if they don’t make the final cut (which they won’t, because there is LITERALLY hours of footage).

And last, here’s a few shots from the final (or one of the many draft) version of the film. I love this shot of the crazy DJ and of course we’re always a sucker for the romantic moments between the bride and groom.

So that’s the day in just a few behind the scenes photos…there’s still so much more to Sean and Kristina’s story that we hope you watch their film if you haven’t yet and if you stick around long enough perhaps we’ll release an episode of them on our Director’s Commentary series!!

Thanks for being an Evermoore Fan!