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A Perfect Pair | Wedding Day Tip 068 | In picking the perfect pair of shoes for your wedding, look at all your color options. With a floor length dress you can't go wrong with a fun color!| www.EvermooreFilms.com


He slowly knelt down, barely daring to hope that after his long search this could finally be the one, the maiden who would fit into the magical glass slipper belonging to he knew not who. For what seemed like ages he had searched, should he give up? No, he had to try one last time. Slowly, he slips the shoe onto her foot then

We all know the story of Cinderella and Prince Charming and her darling glass slippers! But for your wedding, you get to be the princess of your own fairy-tale! And, just like Cinderella, you’ll need to pick out the perfect pair of shoes. Now, we assume you won’t be wearing glass slippers, but you can still have fun with your choice of footwear!

As with your wedding gown, flowers, decor and everything else, there are almost no rules on what you can and can’t wear. We’ve seen classic heels, comfortable flats, boots, sandals, tennis-shoes you name it! And don’t forget, shoes can be any color too! Are you a pink bling type of gal? Or does a deep navy appeal to you? Bold and bright? Soft and delicate? Whether or not you choose to make a statement with your shoes (and/or your bridesmaid’s shoes!) or conceal them under a floor length dress only to peek out occasionally, it’s okay to have fun! Shop around to find the perfect fit for your wedding day.

Watch Jean-Luc and Haley wedding video to see what she did to tie in her wedding colors, and watch for a nod to the classic fairy tale as Haley says yes to her Prince Charming.


Starring Actor: Jean-Luc
Starring Actress: Haley

Cinematographer: Evermoore Films 
Cinema Crew: Joshua Moore & Roman Flores
Photographer: Misty Dameron Photography 
DJ: Peter Wonderly DJ and Bentley 
Ceremony & Reception Venue: Noriega House
Hair & Makeup: Via Bella Salon 

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