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Your Wedding Journey: From “I Do” to “Happily Ever After”

Printable Wedding Worksheets

Our wedding printables are your trusty companions on this exciting journey. Each worksheet serves a specific purpose, designed to keep you organized, focused, and stress-free. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the invaluable resources we offer:

Family & Bridal Party Information

Let’s Get Organized: Before you dive into the extensive planning, it’s helpful to have essential contact information all in one place. Beyond the bride and groom, your family and bridal party play vital roles in making your wedding day extraordinary. Collecting their contact details in one document ensures effective communication and simplifies the process.

Effortless Sharing: Having contact information for your loved ones and bridal party makes sharing wedding photos and videos after the event a breeze. From family members to groomsmen and bridesmaids, keeping their names and contact information handy ensures you can connect with them whenever needed.

Customized Categories: Our worksheet provides separate sections for different categories, so you can keep everything neat and organized. Whether it’s your parents, grandparents, bridal party members, or any other significant figures in your wedding, we’ve got it covered.

Personalization: Your wedding planning journey is all about personalization, and our worksheet mirrors this approach. Customize it as per your requirements, add or adjust categories, and tailor it to suit your unique love story.

How to Use the Worksheet

Using this worksheet is as simple as the love you share. Here’s a quick guide:

  • Title Column: Add any additional members to the bridal party who aren’t listed as needed.
  • Name Column: Enter the first and last names of each person in your family or bridal party.
  • Contact Information Column: List their essential contact details, including phone numbers for on-the-day coordination and email addresses for further planning and sharing post-wedding photos and videos.

Every category gets its page, with extra lines available as needed. So, you can easily organize information for parents, grandparents, bridal party members, and other individuals who hold special places in your hearts.

Wedding Planning Made Easy with Evermoore Films

Planning your wedding should be as beautiful and memorable as the day itself. It’s not just about creating a checklist; it’s about crafting your unique love story and ensuring every detail is captured and cherished. To assist you on your wedding planning journey, Evermoore Films has created a set of printables and suggestions that will guide you through the process.

Our wedding printables are here to simplify the process and ensure your planning experience is as beautiful as your love story. These resources can be a part of your wedding binder, always on hand for quick reference and easy updates. Let’s start this journey with a cup of coffee, filling in what you know, and leaving room for beautiful memories you’re yet to create. Trust us; you’ll be thankful you did!

Let Evermoore Films Capture your Happily Ever After

Now that you’ve embarked on your wedding planning adventure, remember that Evermoore Films is more than your trusted Bakersfield wedding videographer. We’re here to make your wedding day dreams a reality, capturing every precious moment for you to relive and cherish. When you choose Evermoore Films as your wedding videographer, you’re choosing a partner who cares about your vision and believes in the beauty of your love story. Let us be a part of your wedding day journey, creating a wedding film that will be a cherished keepsake for years to come.

For more planning resources and the perfect way to remember your big day, visit our website. Your journey to “happily ever after” begins here.

Download this printable here: https://www.evermoorefilms.com/printables/