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Look Up | Wedding Speech Tip #43 | Evermoore Films | www.Evermoore Films.com | Practice looking at the audience and projecting your voice at the same time. Writing out your speech is good, but avoid hiding behind it.


Sure, speaking comes naturally to some people. Some people are awesome public speakers. They’re born with it and they know how to handle every situation just perfectly. Then there’s the rest of us. The ones who’ve made a few mistakes here and there, the ones who need to practice and plan ahead, the ones who need helpful little reminders of how to write and deliver the best possible speech – especially for a wedding!

So this tip today helps remind us that we need to look up from our speech. If you wrote your speech on paper or on your phone, make sure to practice looking up, giving eye contact, and talking to the audience and to the bride and groom. It’s so much more meaningful and emotional to connect with people and use your body language to help people understand your message. Just be careful not to hide behind your papers or your microphone and you’ll be fine! Project your voice, aim for confidence, and give it your best shot! We look forward to seeing what magic you’ll come up with 🙂

Ryan & Monica were so thankful for all the ladies and gentlemen who stood by their side on their wedding day. The bride’s sister, Melissa, gave a beautiful speech full of love, emotion, and a few tears, and was a beautiful example of a sister who loved and looked up to her sister and new brother-in-law. We didn’t know it at the time, but eventually Gio would propose to Melissa and we would have the pleasure of filming their wedding as well!




Photographer: Misty Dameron Photography
Coordinator: Fairy Godmother A Wedding And Event Planning Company
DJ: Lady DJ
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Florist: Bakersfield Flower Bar

Venue: Park Place Parties
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