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Eat the Mic | Wedding Speech Tip #1 | Evermoore Films


Okay, so don’t REALLY eat the mic, but it’s the thought that counts. It helps give you the right picture to keep the microphone close to your mouth and will in turn amplify your voice. It also gives you confidence in speaking when you hear your voice louder and clearer.


By holding the mic with only one hand, you have an extra hand to be free to gesture or hold your glass to toast. Or better yet, if a mic stand is provided, just leave the mic alone and use both hands to talk while still keeping the mic close to your mouth. Pay attention to how you approach the microphone so that the audience isn’t distracted by you waving it around or by them not being able to hear you.


John and Samantha had some wonderful toasters at their wedding who knew how to use the mic to their advantage and who kept the mic close to their mouth so that their voice projected to the back of the room. Watch their Classic Highlight Film below: