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Old Fashioned Paper | Wedding Speech Tip #11 | Evermoore Films

It’s true. Paper is just better. No, I’m not anti-technology, but I do have my reasons. Let me explain. For a wedding toast, it’s a pretty big deal. It’s a wedding – pretty much the fanciest day of a couple’s lives. There are a ton of people watching and listening, and you’re the one on center stage. We’ve already talked about ideas (with many more to come) of how to get over the fear factor of public speaking, but what I want to focus on now is the importance of such an occasion.

Yes, this is a big deal. Yes, your speech is important. No, you don’t want to mess it up…so…Yes, you want to do all you can to present your best. Here are a few reasons why using paper for a speech is oh so smart.

1. If your phone battery dies before or during your toast, you still have notes on what to say.
2. You can write the words as big or small as needed and use as much paper as you want, whether that’s an index card or a spiral bound notebook.
3. In rain or shine, under disco balls or candlelight, you won’t have to worry about “not seeing the screen”.
4. (Possibly the most important) Your paper speech won’t interfere with the sound system and give loud scratchy feedback during your toast – believe it or not phones do this quite often!
5. You can’t accidentally delete your speech before or during your toast…haven’t seen this one yet but the day will come eventually!
6. If you drop your hand-written toast it won’t break or ruin your social life.
7. A paper copy has more value and meaning than a digital copy – you could even save it, make it pretty, and give to the couple as a keepsake.

John & Kristin had a beautiful wedding surrounded by friends and family who gave toasts that were perfect for them on their wedding day.