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Be Wordy | Wedding Speech Tip #12 | Evermoore Films

Wedding toasts can be hard. Hard to figure out what to say. Hard to stop and write. Hard to sum up someone’s life in just 3 minutes. But don’t be tempted to give up. It’s important to push through the hard things in life. Testing produces endurance. So let’s run this race and endure to the end!

When giving a wedding toast, stop and plan what to say. Say something meaningful. Think about what you’re going to say. Write it down. Don’t forget it. Speak to the bride. Speak to the groom. Speak to the crowd about the bride and groom. Thank the people who helped. There are so many things you could say. But say something. Be wordy. Find something good to say for at least 3 minutes. Remember, the bride and groom asked you to speak, and they want to hear what you have to say. So say something worthwhile.

John & Kristin had family and friends who gave wonderful toasts at their wedding. While it’s impossible to fit everyone’s toast into a 3 minute highlight, you can get the full-length film along with a highlight film so you can remember your day and the toasts for years to come!