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Speak Up | Wedding Speech Tip #13 | Evermoore Films

We’ve all been there. Sitting in the back of the room, far enough away to see that something is going on, but not close enough to hear. Whoever’s got the mic just isn’t holding it close enough or isn’t speaking loud enough. As the speech goes on you hear other people laughing on cue only to realize you’ve missed a funny joke but it’s too late to stop and ask someone otherwise you’ll get shushed and make everyone miss what the speaker is saying.

So…we’ve got a brilliant solution. If you’re the one on the mic, be aware of this dilemma. If you’re a soft-spoken person you’ll need to speak up. Talk comfortably loud as if you don’t have a mic in your hand because the DJ can always turn down your volume. It will be harder for him to turn you up because you might end up with unwanted feedback or high-pitched ringing noises which will end up making you nervous, distracted, or even quietly – completely defeating the entire purpose.

Gino & Christine had an outdoor reception with a beautiful farm-style table that lined the entire driveway. It would have been easy to be too quiet with such a unique set-up, but each person giving a toast did an excellent job of speaking to the couple as well as projecting their voice (with the help of the DJ of course, Kevin Rush Entertainment). Watch their wedding highlight film to see!