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Introduce Yourself | Wedding Speech Tip #2 | Evermoore Films

It seems simple, right? Seems like a no brainer, right? Introduce yourself. But we all know that strange things happen when you’re handed a mic and pushed to the dance floor under hot lights and the scrutiny of wide eyes and ears. Whoops…didn’t mean to scare you there. But that’s what we’re here for – to help you through the scary wedding speech you’ve been asked to deliver. For some people it almost seems like a punishment to get up in front of others and have to ramble out an essay on the happy couple. Other people make it look SO simple, SO easy, SO…almost fun.

Speech is an art whether you admit it or not. The ability to talk intelligently in a conversation, to hold eye contact, to display confident body language, to keep a proper volume, et cetera et cetera et cetera. It is worth examining and studying in order to perform your best and to give you confidence at the wedding. Something as simple as, “Hello, My Name Is” may seem cliche but will be much appreciated by the crowd…in which is guaranteed that there will be at least one person you don’t know or who doesn’t know you. And thus, it matters. For even just one person.

Richie & Sydnee had some excellent toasters at their wedding who came across as very confident whether or not they felt like it. Here’s a taste of their toasters in their Wedding Highlight Film: