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On the Page | Wedding Speech Tip #20 | Evermoore Films

Life is short. If we live a full 80 years in life, we will only get 29,200 days on earth – that’s 700,800 hours or 42,048,000 minutes! It may sound like a lot, but if you’re 20 years old, you’ve only got 21,900 days left, or 525,600 hours left, or 31,536,000 minutes left! The point is: think smart and don’t waste your time. Once time has passed you can’t go back, so use it wisely.

When you’re sitting down to write a speech for your best friend or sister, just start writing. Write down your ideas, thoughts, memories, stories. First write, then organize. Just get it on the page and go from there. Don’t waste half an hour staring at a blank white page. Think about the purpose of your speech, what you want the audience (mainly the bride and groom) to think or feel by the time you’re done, and if you’d be satisfied with your speech by the time you sit and the applause quiets down.

Jeremy and Sarah invited family and friends to speak at their wedding. Each of them gave heartfelt words of advice and love to the newlyweds because they thought about what to say and how to say it. But how did they start? Just by writing – just by stopping and planning out what to say. Give it a try – it’s easier than you think!