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Moving On | Wedding Speech Tip #21 | Evermoore Films

Since a wedding is a union between a man and his wife – a union that is meant to last forever, to be broken by no one – then it’s just not a good idea to try to bring up the past or try to hint at what could have, would have, should have been. Stick to the basics and try to not get off track. Focus on the new couple and how now that they are moving on in life from old ties and past relationships they have a whole new life ahead of them and today marks the first page of chapter one.

Kyle and Lea were thankful for the friends and family who stood up at their wedding and encouraged them to look to the future with bright eyes and solemn promises. Although none of us are perfect – and never will be – we all have a moral compass that points us upward and forward, and helps us to move on.