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Organize Logically | Wedding Speech Tip #23 | Evermoore Films

Humans are reasonable creatures. We think, we reason, and we need to make sense of things. So getting up and rambling on about random things is not advisory for a wedding speech. There needs to be a logical flow, a logical organization of ideas. That’s why animals can’t give speeches – only humans can.

When we listen to a speech, even a wedding speech, we listen critically and try to track with the listener. As the speaker, be sure your ideas make sense and flow logically. Now that’s not to say that you can’t string together unrelated stories about the bride and groom, but each story serves a purpose and the entire speech will culminate in a warm congratulations to the bride and groom.

Rylee did an excellent job of preparing for her wedding speech at Richie & Sydnee’s wedding. She included humor and stories and had obviously organized her thoughts in a logical manner so that her audience could track with her. Plus, it’s always fun when a former bride like Rylee turns into a bridesmaid at her friend’s wedding! In the highlight films you see online, most toasters get only a sentence or two, but when you also order the documentary film you can see the entire speech. Here’s for Richie & Sydnee’s highlight teaser…