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Original Is Best | Wedding Speech Tip #27 | Evermoore Films | Finding sample speeches online is easy, but take the time to be original and personable. First try to write your own, then get ideas from others.

We already learned that it’s important not to plagiarize. But we also explained that it’s not a bad idea to look around find out what others before you have done. After all…HOW many people get married every year?! But in all that, we offer a piece of advice: Original is Best. Stop and think first about what YOU should say and don’t let Google steal your first five minutes of brainstorming. Write your own ideas first, then get ideas from others. Creativity may be hard at first, but with a little practice you might surprise yourself what you can come up with! Give it a try.

Brandon & Katie had such sweet, personalized speeches at their wedding and a special surprise of a very well-planned joint speech by Katie’s sisters. Listen and watch to learn some tips and ideas of how you can brainstorm to be creative and original at the next wedding YOU attend: