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Think Straight | Wedding Speech Tip #28 | Evermoore Films | Feel free to be humorous, emotional, witty, personable, original, grateful, and sober. Avoid being nervous, monotone, mumbling, or wasted.

Since a wedding happens only once in a lifetime you’ve got one chance to give the best speech to your _______ (insert sister, brother, friend, cousin, co-worker, etc.) so plan ahead to do your best! Plan ahead that you will think straight for your speech. With all eyes on you do your best to give an enjoyable speech, a few words of joy and happiness, and perhaps advice for the years ahead. Be original, tell a story, don’t be afraid to cry, thank the parents and everyone involved in putting the wedding on, don’t get drunk, and get the crowd laughing or crying and having a good time.

Roy & Morgan were so thankful for family and friends to stand up and wish them happiness on their wedding day…and get in a few hilarious stories about them! Morgan’s sister gave a sweet, humorous, and personable toast complete with a story about Morgan’s first thoughts of Roy when they met for the first time. If she was nervous we had no idea because she did a wonderful job of public speaking, spoke clearly, and kept the audience captivated!