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Record Yourself | Wedding Speech Tip #32 | Evermoore Films | It's your turn to be your own audience. See what you sound like by practicing your speech in front of a camera and critique yourself.

One way to prepare for your wedding speech is to critique yourself. No, really. Listen to, record, and watch yourself. Since you have the technology sitting on the table across from you anyway, why not use it to benefit your speaking skills and take a turn at how others hear you?

Now ask yourself these questions…

Am I standing tall?
Are my shoulders hunched?
Do I look relaxed?
Do I look happy?
Do I make eye contact?
Do I fidget?
Am I audible?
Do I talk to fast?
Do I talk to slow?
Did I introduce myself?
Was my speech boring?
Was I thankful?
Did I bring up any past relationships? (Take that out!)
Was I focused on the newlyweds or myself or something else?
If you’re really serious, pretend you have a mic and a toasting glass and a written speech…what do you put where and how do you gesture?

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Jeremy & Sarah were blessed by friends and family who had wishes of joy and advice as they entered into marriage. Their weddings toasts were well-prepared and well-executed. Congrats again Jeremy & Sarah on your beautiful wedding and wishing you a marriage that will last a life-time!



: Jeremy & Sarah
Location: Bakersfield, CA
Ceremony & Recpetion Venue: Private Residence
Photographer: Lauryn Maurette Photography