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Score! | Wedding Speech Tip #39 | Evermoore Films | You do want to be invited over for dinner after the wedding so score points with the bride and groom. Avoid loosing any inheritance you have left.


Once you’ve thought through or written out your wedding speech, take a moment to re-read or think carefully through each point you plan on talking about. Make sure that everything you say is appropriate, appreciated, and applaudable. Does that childhood memory of your brother really show his best side? Does that inside joke with you and your sister really need to be brought up in public? Will the groom’s grandmother smile and nod at your speech or send you a glaring frown?

Remember, this a mixed crowd of mixed ages and you’ll want to do your best to appeal to everyone so that all guests can enjoy the wedding day, every speech, and not mind running into you again at family reunions or holiday gatherings. Go for the reputation of “Oh, remember that nice young man who gave such a sweet, thoughtful speech at the wedding?” instead of “Oh dear, don’t look now – it’s her again!” All that to say, be careful to not say anything you regret – in front of friends and family and for the cameras! You do want to be invited over for dinner after the wedding, so score points with the bride and groom and be on their side, not your own. They should still want to be friends with you after the wedding, so make it a fun, memorable time with a well-prepared, well-thought-through speech!

Chris and Andrea were thankful for the kind and thoughtful toasts given by their bridal party and now have a wedding video that they can watch every year on their wedding anniversary – both a full-length feature film that contains the entire wedding ceremony and reception events as well as the highlight below that recaps their 8-10 hour day into a fun 3 minute film to watch and re-watch again and again!




Groom: Chris
Bride: Andrea

Cinematography: Evermoore Films
DJ: Freestyle Event Services
Venue: Seven Oaks Country Club
Location: Bakersfield, California


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