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Big Font | Wedding Speech Tip #41 | Evermoore Films | Hand-write or type up your speech in large font. Use double-spacing and don't be afraid of two or three pages. Print one-sided. Make it easy to read.


One of the big suggestions we love to encourage bridal parties with is to write out their wedding speech. Look closely in the picture above and you’ll notice that someone took our advice! Not only does a written speech give you confidence, but it keeps you on track and helps you stay focused on what you meant to say. One way to make it even easier is by writing or typing out your speech in big font so you can read it easily and smoothly, without getting confused. If you’re able to just glance down and see big keywords, underlined phrases, or colored names, it will be easier to continue speaking without having to pause to read your handwriting!

Jilberto and Alexandra loved listening to the wedding speeches that were given after dinner before the dancing began. It was fun to listen to what each person had to say – each memory they had about the bride and groom or the couple together. They each did a superb job and were well-prepared, some even having a few thoughts written down beforehand, which made their speech go all the smoother! Be sure to tell your bridal party about these tips so you too can have an enjoyable time listening to toasts on your own wedding day!



Starring Actor: Jilberto Cano
Starring Actress: Alexandra Cano