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Greetings | Wedding Speech Tip #5 | Evermoore Films

Speeches mean so much more when there is something to be said. All milk and no meat makes a lame speech, but you have to start somewhere. The best and most logical place to start is with a greeting. Now, centuries ago you may have literally begun, “Greetings, ladies and gentlemen”. Although that phrase is out of fashion now, the custom certainly is not. To greet the crowd and the couple is, in fact, expected…might we say “polite”?

Here’s the catch: this day we celebrate a wedding – a wedding of two particular people. This day we focus our attention and speech upon a happy couple. So in the greeting of your speech, be sure to address those to whom you speak. To whom do you speak and to whom do you give love, well-wishes, and advice? Why, to the lovely bride and groom of course! So be sure to address them first and thank them first and comment on them first. Celebrate each as unique and together as a unit.

Gino and Christine were surrounded by family and friends who loved them dearly. Anyone could see that. But these family and friends cared deeply for them and in the wedding speeches you can tell that each toaster was thankful to have been chosen to give a speech to represent the couple at their wedding reception. They were careful to speak to the crowd but first, to speak to the couple. Take a look (and ear) at Gino & Christine’s wedding highlight film: