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You're Up Next | Wedding Speech Tip #53 | Look in the mirror. Straighten your tie. Primp your hair. Look prepared and remain calm. Remember, this is a happy wedding day, not a funeral.


So you where chosen to be on the wedding party. Congratulations! Perhaps you’ve been asked to give a speech at the reception? Wonderful! The Wedding day has arrived and you’re all prepared to give a heart-felt speech. Played your part from the ceremony to the Grand Entrance and now it’s your turn to stand in the limelight. So be sure to look your best 🙂 Straighten your clothes, smooth your hair, check your teeth, sigh, and, relax and enjoy the present. After all, you’ve watched plenty of wedding videos like Joseph and Ashley’s so now it’s your time to toast. You’re on in 5…4…3…2…1…SMILE!




Starring Actor: Joseph
Starring Actress: Ashley

Producer: Evermoore Films
Cinematographer: Joshua Moore
Photographer: Patrick Ang Photography 
Coordinator: Fairy Godmother A Wedding & Event Planning Company 
Freestyle Event Services
Ceremony Venue:
Higher Ground Church 
Reception Venue:
Moorea Banquet Center
Caterer: Hodels 

*Fun fact about Ashley…since her wedding, she’s started baking cakes. Check out her cake and cupcake business at Ash Bash Cakes!