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Smile, You're On Camera! | Wedding Speech Tip #7 | Evermoore Films

Another great way to look confident in public speaking at a wedding is to plan ahead to think about your own body language. The most visible and tell-tale way to know if someone is nervous is on their face. “Do they look nervous?” means “Are they enjoying themselves or feeling like their life is threatened?” which translates to “Are they smiling?” And ultimately, if you’re up there and you’re smiling, people will tend to smile back and help you smile more and back and forth it goes.

So on a practical note, think: SMILE! Yes, if need be, draw smiley faces on your notes after every sentence or paragraph to make sure you consciously make an effort to smile. Plus, what may feel like a smile to you might look like a bored face to others. Practice your smile in front of a mirror and memorize your facial expression to know what it feels like to smile in front of a crowd. Another idea is to find a friend or familiar face in the crowd and look at them, smile, and talk as if it’s just you two or you three in the room. That way you make eye contact with someone in the crowd and avoid staring at the floor, ceiling, your notes, or anything else that reveals your nerves. The more you smile the easier it will get and the more you’ll forget about your nervous and remember how excited you are for the couple getting married…and then you’ll just genuinely SMILE!

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