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The Write Speech | Wedding Speech Tip #8 | Evermoore Films

To write or not to write…that is the question. The answer is easy: TO WRITE! I don’t want to suggest all the things that could go wrong, but…

Well, let’s put it this way. Some people are good talkers. Some people know how to write a 5-point essay in their head in 30 seconds. But unless you’ve been trained, it may LOOK easy but may not BE easy when you try it…in front of 200+ people. So the best solution is this: don’t take any shortcuts, knock down your pride, and get out some paper. After all, this is a pretty important day. If you’re not comfortable with holding a paper or notecards at least write out your toast at home and boil it down to a few key points and then you’ll have something to visualize during your speech. Trust me, every bit helps.

Ryan and Monica were so thankful not only to have a wedding video that captured their day, but also to have family and friends who thought about something special to say on their wedding day.