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It's Their Day | Wedding Speech Tip #9 | Evermoore Films

The purpose of a wedding toast is multi-fold. Here are a few great reasons:

1) To thank the couple for inviting you (and all the guests) to be present on their first day of marriage and show how you love and support them

2) To share a little about the character of the bride or groom to the people in the crowd who only know the other person

3) To encourage the new couple to pursue love in marriage, serve each other selflessly, and be committed to each other no matter what happens in life

While it’s fun to share a story about you and them or one of them, it’s important not to bring a cloud of doom, embarrassment, or depression on the night. Look for the best in others and think of them as more important than yourself.

Joseph & Joni had several friends/family give toasts and each of the people meant so much to them. They were so thankful to have these toasts captured on video to watch in the years to come and to be reminded about the first day of marriage when they began to love each other even more than they had before.