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A new tradition

Attention brides and grooms! Today we kick off a new tradition! We’ve come up with a ton of fun and helpful wedding tips for your big day and we invite you to journey along with us as we unfold the future together. We’ll be posting wedding tips that are focused on ideas of how to make your wedding day more beautiful and run smoother. These will be so helpful as you’re planning your wedding, whether you discover them now or later and we hop you’ll be as excited and inspired as us to browse our FREE wedding tips whether or not you choose Evermoore Films as your own wedding videographer. Let’s get started with our very first wedding tip “Love Letter”.

Love Letter | Wedding Tips 001 | Evermoore Films

What is a love letter?

Of course, you’ve been probably receiving a few “love letters” from your fiancé throughout your relationship…perhaps while dating, perhaps while engaged, perhaps while he was on a long trip far away, or perhaps while she was sick. But the love letter we’re talking about here is a different kind of special letter. It’s the LAST letter you will ever write to your future fiancé because after the wedding you will no longer have a fiancé but your fiancé will now be your SPOUSE!

In the world of wedding videos, you’ll often hear videographers talk about a “love letter” and ask if you’re interested in writing one or remind you to buy a card for your love letter. There are so many more ideas along with love letters that we’ll have to save that for another tip series, but today we just want to introduce to you the concept of a love letter and to help you see how this can create a very special moment on your wedding day. A moment to make your groom cry or make your bride laugh or make both of you laugh and cry at the same time!

Do I want to write a love letter?

When couples are up for writing a love letter we know they won’t regret it! Why? Because it makes the wedding video a little more special. You can imagine not having the love letter by turning off the sound to a wedding video that has one and just watching it with a pretty soundtrack. No audio? No talking? What do you notice? It won’t be as personal or as romantic as it would’ve been with a love letter narrating the film. We’ve compiled a few video links below that will show you some wedding highlight videos and help you see how a love letter can really change the entire video. We’ve had couples who were wary of the idea and then were absolutely thrilled with the way it turned out and told us they couldn’t ever have imagined not writing a love letter! Well after you watch through these films we hope you’ll agree!

Watch some samples of wedding videos with love letters

A whole new tip series

And speaking of love letters…you DO know that we’ve got our very own tip series just on writing love letters, right? If not, be sure to check it out for help on ideas of what to write in your love letter for your own wedding day! Copy and paste that link to your spouse-to-be if need be 😉 Click here for our Love Letter Tips.

You won’t regret it!

We find that two things usually happen when couples write love letters. First, the grooms sometimes forget to buy a cute card. DON’T LET THAT BE YOU!!! And second, the brides will always write more. Be on the lookout for our upcoming Love Letters wedding tips series that will help grooms write a longer love letter because boy oh boy have we seen some grooms who just did it right and NAILED their part! Wishing you the best in your wedding planning journey!

-Josh & Emily

Featured Tip: Gino and Christine

Watch how we incorporated Gino and Christine’s love letters into their wedding video! They got married at St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Bakersfield, California and held their wedding reception outdoors at a private residence.