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So today we’ve got another wedding tip for you. It’s one of those things that you don’t really think of until literally the last minute. Don’t be late to your very important date!

It’s called “Driving Time”.

Driving Time | Wedding Tip 002 | Evermoore Films

If you’re getting married at your church and having the reception somewhere else, it’s important to think ahead how long it will take not only the guests to get there, but the bridal party too! But wait, let’s back up.

Stop and think where will you be getting ready in the morning. With the age-old tradition that the bride and groom don’t see each other before the wedding, you’ve got to plan a place for the groom to get ready (with his buddies) and for the bride to get ready (with her girlies). If you don’t book a venue that includes this with the ceremony and/or reception, then you’ve got to plan ANOTHER venue to be at. A home works great, provided there’s enough space for everyone (the bridal party members, any family, and photographer and cinematographer) and some optimal places with good lighting for photos and video. Another great location is a spacious hotel room that will be near the ceremony venue.

Fast-forward. What about photo and video time? You may want to get some pretty and fun outdoor pictures (with super great lighting might I add) at a local park or near some modern architecture. Your cinematographer will be there too to grab a few epic shots as well. PLAN PLAN PLAN that “Driving Time” in! Jeremy and Amy were able to relax on their wedding day because they were well-prepared and thought through these fine details like “Driving Time”:

Your wedding day will be stress-free when you plan “Driving Time” and your cinematographers will thank you for it!