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Wedding tip number three: “Photo Board”. I LOVE this one! I don’t think I knew how helpful this was until after our wedding.

Photo Board | Wedding Tip 003 | Evermoore Films

Get ideas of what you like. This is helpful for both your photographer and cinematographer. What’s your style? What’s your personality? What are you a big fan of? What do you care about? There are so many types of photos you can search for and so many poses you can do.

Formal groom and bride photos?
Silly groom and bride photos?
Romantic groom and bride photos?
Artistic groom photos?
Timeless bride photos?
Classy father-son photos?
Sweet mother-son photos?
Charming father-daughter photos?
Precious mother-daughter photos?
Goofy bridal party photos?
Cute flower qirl and ring bearer photos?
Crazy dance party photos?

Ana loved her video footage from her preparations time. She thought ahead of how she wanted these photos and video shots to look, so she decided to book a hotel room for a clean background:

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