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What happens when you get engaged? That’s right, everyone knows. FREAK OUT TIME! So many questions, so many details, so much planning. Some brides say, “Bring it on! I love the nitty gritty DIY planning!” Others say, “Planning and details and contracts, oh my!” We’re here to help you to think through those details of planning ahead that will make your day go so much smoother. Today let’s take a look at the “Grand Entrance”.

Grand Entrance | Wedding Tip 005 | Evermoore Films

Details. That’s where we’re at today. It’s the small details that make a difference sometimes. The small details like, “What do I say on the mic?” and “When do I come in?” Actually, it’s kind of a big detail.

Now, there are multiple layers to the Grand Entrance, but today we’ll just focus on the action of entering. As the entire bridal party lines up to burst through the doors (or step around the corner) it’s always the last question that sends a goosebumps down your spine, “Wait, what am I supposed to do?” Do I yell, cheer, smile, dance, twirl, clap, thumbs up, pull a back handspring? Not only do you need to think about what YOU are going to do (and that goes for everyone in the bridal party), but you also need to think about how you will interact and coordinate with your partner walking through the crowd. Do we walk arm-in-arm, high-five each other, twirl each other, swing dance, act out a 10-second famous movie scene (yes, it’s been done!)?

Your DJ will help you think of ideas and customize the Grand Entrance to your personal style. Sure, things may turn out a little different than planned sometimes, but it helps to be prepared as much as possible. Planning this ahead of time and communicating these details with the bridal party will help everyone have a fun time and get the crowd relaxed and ready to enjoy the evening.

Richie & Sydnee thought ahead with their DJ for their Grand Entrance. They floated onto the dance floor with a cute twirl! Sydnee loved her wedding film and was thankful to have captured those special moments that happen so fast and are gone:

“Choosing Evermoore Films as our wedding videographer was one of the best decisions we could have made!…I fell in love with our highlight film, which we received only a few weeks after our wedding! They captured so many special moments that we will be able to relive over and over again. Their work truly speaks for itself…absolutely perfect!…” – Sydnee 11.1.14 (Read Sydnee’s full review on Yellow Pages)

So think ahead, plan it out, and have fun!