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You can’t go wrong with flowers at your wedding. They look pretty, they smell pretty, and they complete a beautiful wedding look.

Seasonal Flowers | Wedding Tip 006 | Evermoore Films

It is important that if you’re going to invest in beautiful flowers for your wedding, you should think about making sure that they stay beautiful throughout the whole day, especially for pictures and video.


Do your research and talk to your florist. When is your wedding date? In Spring? Fall? Summer? Winter? Every season has their own unique flowers that bloom, each a speciality in its own kind. Each season has a mood, a color scheme, and a flower theme that you can take advantage of to make your wedding look beautiful. Plus, when you choose flowers that bloom in season naturally they will more often than not be easier to get, less expensive, and will hold up best in the temperature for which they’re designed.


Jonathan and April chose a beautiful pallet of colors that fit well with their fall wedding as well as with their rustic, outdoor venue in the country. As you watch their wedding highlight film notice not only the bridal party flowers, but also the sweetheart table flowers and succulent box – what a beautifully designed wedding, complete with beautiful flowers!


To a beautiful bride and groom: May your love continue to bloom.