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I could look at wedding cakes all day. Each one is so unique, so beautiful, so delicious.

Fresh Frosting | Wedding Tip 007 | Evermoore Films

Frosting is a surprisingly important ingredient to the wedding cake. Sure, it tastes good, and that counts for something. But frosting can make or break a cake. If your reception will be outside on a gorgeous day, you may enjoy your wedding photos, but your cake may turn into the Wicked Witch of the West.


Certain frostings taste extra delicious but are shy in the sun. Talk to your cake baker to see if that will affect your wedding cake – it all depends on the temperature of the day. You’ll want a beautiful, delicious cake…that won’t melt before you cut it!


Bryce and Laura sure enjoyed their stunning wedding cake. Love the scene where they’re cutting the cake and Bryce has his arms completely around her while they are slicing their first bite. So cute!

Allow Evermoore Films to bake you a film to remember and “put the icing on the cake” of your wedding day!