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Not sure what gift to give your bridesmaids? How about personalized robes for the wedding day!

Personalized Robes | Wedding Tip 008 | Evermoore Films

Personalized robes are cute for the pictures, cute for the video, and cute as a memory to look back on the day you got married. Tia decided to give each of her bridesmaids a robe with their name on it. While the girls received black robes, Tia herself had a white robe with her name on it as well.


Tia decided to do a bridesmaid reveal to show all her girlfriends her dress in a special way. They lined up in one room and Tia came around the corner. It was such a cute scene in the wedding highlight film below as the girls screamed and jumped up and down to see their friend looking like such a “wedding Barbie doll”. What a precious memory to have captured on film!


Kevin and Tia made a super cute couple on their wedding day. They were both such happy people and the love and joy they had for each other was not hard to see. As Tia wrote in her online review, “When I saw the highlight film that Evermoore produced, I can’t believe I ever thought of not having a videographer. Everything they put together was absolutely perfect. Josh has a keen eye and is very good at ensuring he captures the right shot. It is as important to him as it is to us.”

– Tia 10.18.14 (Read Tia’s full review here)

So think about a special gift for your bridesmaids!